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Disney debuts Tomorrowland teaser!

  I’ve been incredibly excited for this movie since it was announced and we were teased about it at the 2013 D23 Expo last year. Disney has finally debuted the first teaser trailer for the upcoming Tomorrowland movie directed by Brad Bird, which is scheduled to premiere on May 22nd,...


The Case of the Bending iPhone 6

  Editor’s Note: As usual, this editorial is a bit informative and mostly ranting. Proceed with caution! This week my twitter timeline has been filled with RT’s and tweets about people complaining that their new iPhone 6 is bending in their pockets. Let me give you the harsh reality for...


Why Hasbro Should Shop For A New TV Network

Editor’s Note: The following is based pure speculation and on information obtained from various different sources. Yesterday, the Wall Street Journal had posted an announcement informing the world that Discovery and Hasbro had decided to part ways and it would mean the end for Hub Network. In a flash, the internet...